Are you addicted to food?

I have been on a 200 day quest this year called ‘No sugar, no wheat’. This is my attempt to cut out all refined sugars and refined white wheat flour from my diet for 200 days. This includes many of my favourite foods including bread, pastries, pizza, chocolate, biscuits, and desserts. Having gone through almost 100 days, I’ve found it easier than previous years where I had a different approach.

Previously, I used a ‘cheat day’ every week which allowed me to eat whatever I liked for that day. The reason for doing that was twofold. Firstly, its a psychological release that made it easier to attempt the radical diet change in the first place. Secondly, I researched that my flushing through an abundance of food (including carbs and sugar) would prevent the body from going into a starvation mode where it holds onto calories rather than adjust to a new regime. This is often behind the experience of many people’s dieting. Restriction of calories lead to the body holding onto calories to avoid weight loss which leads to disillusionment with the diet and a return to the previous way of eating.

I agree that many foods can be addictive and an article explains just how addictive it can be – on par with drug and alcohol addiction. It was concerning to read that addiction takes a single moment, just like a smoker taking a single puff.  The key is to avoid trigger foods and manage where you eat. It’s a good read by Kris Gunnars, find it here. 

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