One year break from racing is over: 2015 Races on the calendar!!

After taking a break from all triathlon racing in 2014, I learned a few things:

1. I need the target of races to maintain discipline.

2. Without discipline, my diet and nutrition lapses greatly.

3. I have no motivation to train without a race target.

4. Air pollution is still a major obstacle.


For 2015, I’ve registered for Feb 22 race in Subic Bay – an early season 70.3 which set me up well for a good season in 2012. Then a full calendar of OD races in China and possibly UK. To finish the season the Laguna Phuket Tri – an extended OD.

Looking forward to it. Been off all alcohol for three weeks plus, diet has tightened up and training has increased. The power of a target.

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Warwick John Fahy is a professional facilitator and trusted advisor to executives who wish to improve their communication and executive presence. He has authored several books including Influence: The Jack Ma Way.
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