Race Week: Anting Sprint Triathlon

Focus:  Race week build up. Get over cold.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Too much pollution early morning. Still down with a small cold.

Wed: Evening small group ride. Flatted after about 20km.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Swim 30mins plus a run through the park / back.

Sat: No training, still fighting cold.

Sun: Race day. Beautiful weather and pollution was down. 1st place. Third win in a row. But wasn’t easy. Swim went well although I could see several competitors go off ahead of me. More or less took a straight line. Two of the buoys were deflated which made sighting more challenging. Transition was smooth. On the bike got into a rhythm. There were some winds but mostly manageable. The road surface quality was full of rubble and there were sudden potholes and poorly resurfaced sections. Keep it steady on the bike for around 34mins. Quick transition onto the run. The heart rate was way too high. For the whole race really. First km was good around 4:30 pace but was finding it difficult to breathe and my second km slipped to 4:50 which is when I saw Zennon and the third place runner coming on the other side of the road. I thought I would get caught. I focused on finding a high cadence and just getting through it one km at a time. 3km, 4km, and then I passed the final water station I knew that I was in a good chance for the win. No one was in sight and I slowed down a bit to give some lungs some rest. Crossed the line in a slower time but happy with the victory. Official results are here.

Total: 6 sessions (2 hours) Bike (2 sessions, 1hrs); Run (2 sessions, 40mins); Swim (2 sessions, 40mins);

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