4 weeks until Anting Sprint Triathlon

Focus: Manage diet and get back into combining sports. Focus on speedĀ  for Sprint race.

Monday: No training

Tuesday: No training

Wed: Swim easy around 30mins. Evening bike around 30km. 60mins

Thursday: Morning bike ride, perfect conditions. Rode to power. Trying to keep within a band of power for each lap. More or less held it. Average power 155W. 25km, around 53mins.

Friday: Morning bike ride to power. Very windy which made it challenge. HR average = 137bpm – a little high perhaps because riding on empty stomach. Av. P=148W. 20km, 42mins.

Sat: Morning bike ride to power. HR average = 140bpmh. Av. P=152W. 30km, 62mins. Afternoon run in gym. 20mins at 10kmh. Average HR = 138bpm

Sun: Rest day

Total: 6 sessions (5 hours) Bike (4 sessions, 4 hrs); Run (1 sessions, 20mins); Swim (1 sessions, 30mins);

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Warwick John Fahy is a professional facilitator and trusted advisor to executives who wish to improve their communication and executive presence. He has authored several books including Influence: The Jack Ma Way.
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