Getting ready for a swim meet

Focus: Run and swim more.

Monday: 5km row session around 30mins. Easy HR average 117bpm.

Tuesday: Swim in morning around 30mins. 1200m

Wed: Swim in morning around 30mins. 1300m. Short evening bike ride around 40mins. Full moon. No group showed up.

Thursday: Walk in park and brief swim although too many people a problem.

Friday: Swim around 1800m. Steady swim.

Sat: Rest day

Sun: Morning swim around 1500m: 500m breaststroke, 500m freestyle, 500m mix 25m sprints freestyle, 25m active recover breaststroke.

Total: 7 sessions (3.5+ hours) Run (0 sessions, 0hrs ); Swim (5 sessions, 2.5hrs); Bike (1 sessions, 40mins); Row (1 session, 30mins)

About Warwick

Warwick John Fahy is a professional facilitator and trusted advisor to executives who wish to improve their communication and executive presence. He has authored several books including Influence: The Jack Ma Way.
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