Final 2 weeks before Bintan 70.3

Focus: Build up for 70.3 race. More bike, keep running and swimming ticking over.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Afternoon run to gym, then 30mins at 10kmh on treadmill with a very quick swim and jog back.

Wed: Evening bike. Fast and hard ride with speeds up to 46kmh. Lovely evening with a heavy head wind through the Expo site. Around 35km. 90mins with stops.

Thursday: Evening swim session at Jingan with Yi Wei. Doing some sprints for swim meet trails in November.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Long bike 125 km with FHL in Puxi. 5 hours. Good pacing around 30-33kmh. Very hot at end but not too terrible.

Sunday: 12km run around Century Park with STC. Steady pace. Keeping heart race in 140s. Hot and very humid day.

Total: 6 sessions (11 hours) Run (2 sessions, 2.5hrs ); Swim (2 sessions, 2 hrs); Bike (2 sessions, 6.5hrs );

About Warwick

Warwick John Fahy is a professional facilitator and trusted advisor to executives who wish to improve their communication and executive presence. He has authored several books including Influence: The Jack Ma Way.
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