Recover and build week

Focus: Recover from race and maintain good diet plan.

Monday:  Easy swim and sauna. 15 mins swim and 30mins steam/sauna.

Tuesday: Recovery. Run to pool and back. Around 25mins. Bike 15mins high cadence. Row 15mins easy. Swim 500m breaststroke. Steam room 10mins

Wed: Big day. Run to pool and back. Around 25mins. Swim around 2km mix breaststroke and freestyle intervals around 1:45-1:50/100m. Bike 30mins high cadence at 100rpm. Bike to Running School and back around 30mins. 60mins session at Running School. Intense high intensity interval training on technique.

Thursday: Run to pool and back. Around 25mins. Swim 30mins. Bike 20mins at high cadence on minimum effort. Felt tired after 3hrs yesterday. Plan to eat well and rest for time trial on Sat.

Friday: Run to pool and back. Around 25mins. Sauna / steam room around 30mins

Saturday: Long run with middle 5k time trial. 14 km total. Time trial under 23mins. Went out very fast had a bad second 2km and then recovered to finish strong with final km in 4:15.

Sunday: Run to pool and back. Around 25mins. Very easy recovery swim. 15mins. Bike 30mins.

Total: 20 sessions (10 hours)

Run (7 sessions, 5hrs); Swim (5 sessions, 1.5hrs); Bike (5 sessions, 2hrs ); Rowing (1 sessions, 15mins) ; Sauna 2 sessions, 1 hrs)


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Warwick John Fahy is a professional facilitator and trusted advisor to executives who wish to improve their communication and executive presence. He has authored several books including Influence: The Jack Ma Way.
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