Race Week: Bintan Triathlon

Focus: Get ready for the race.

Monday:  Morning swim. 6×200 at a fairly leisurely pace. Felt heavy after heavy training days. 25 mins. Afternoon bike on rollers fun again. 125bpm. 81rpm. 157W. 40mins. Around 15km. Seems really hard work on the rollers compared to road (I hope). Finding it hard to sustain past 40mins. Need to pack in a few more sessions before the taper.

Thursday: Cycle course around 30mins.

Friday: Swim 1500m around course 30mins.

Saturday: Race day. 2hr 32mins 43secs. Swim 1500m 27:30. Bike 40km 1hr 11min 01 sec. Run 10km 52:31. Age group 24th. Overall 101st. Very tough hilly course on bike and run. Humid. Lucky that the day stayed cloudy. Really felt the lack of training. Need to adjust my expecatations given the much lower volume of training I’ve been able to do so far this year. Will be a big challenge to come back in August for the 70.3. May not have been a good idea to ride the course and swim the day before. The rest may have been the better choice. Also the late race start meant I didn’t have a usual meal preparation. Missed my protein shake two hours before. Overall, not a bad start to the season and will see how I can lift my speed for the Shanghai Anting Sprint in two weeks. Race pictures here.

Sunday: Big breakfast and splash around the the pool.



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