2 weeks until first OD race of the season: Bintan, Indonesia

Focus: Putting some consistent sessions together. Get back on bike.

Monday: 30 min run around 9.0kmh. 130bpm. 245cal. Hot day sweating. 30 mins Strength session. 15 mins easy swim to cool down.

Tuesday: Day off. But as was moving out of our recently sold house – got a lot of exercise packing up boxes and throwing them around a little.

Wednesday: Back on the bike! Short high intensity session on the roller. 15 mins. HR 132bpm. P=121W. Cadence 87rpm.106 cal. Need to fit in a daily session like this to get ready for race in 2 weeks!  Run in gym. 35mins. HR=128bpm. Speed around 9kmh.  Swim 20mins. Easy 2x500m.

Thursday: Bike 20mins high intensity on roller. HR=133bmp. P=146W. Cadence 92rpm. 173cal. Jog to pool and back. 30min swim 1500m. Easy paced.

Friday: Early morning swim. 30 mins. 1400m 7x200m. Faster through the sets. Afternoon bike session. 10km. 20mins. High Intensity on roller.

Saturday: Jog in park with fun run crowd. About 3km. 179cal. Bike roller session. 15km. 35mins. P=163W. HR=141bpm. 337cal. 80rpm. Run at gym 45mins. 329cal. HR=130bpm.

Sunday: 60min run in gym around 9km. HR=131bpm. 402cal. Strength session. high reps around 45mins. Afternoon on roller bike session. Around 45min. 17.25km. 380cal. 147W.129bpm.74bpm.

Total: 16 sessions (8  hours)

Swim 4 sessions (95mins);  Bike 5 sessions (135mins); Run 5 sessions (190mins); Strength 2 sessions (75mins).


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Warwick John Fahy is a professional facilitator and trusted advisor to executives who wish to improve their communication and executive presence. He has authored several books including Influence: The Jack Ma Way.
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