6 weeks until first OD race of the season: Bintan, Indonesia

Focus: Consistent sessions. Interval training. Getting leaner, faster, stronger. More swimming.

Monday: Calves a little sore after weekend’s sessions. CSS test day. 400m time trial. 200m time trial. 400m time trial 6m 29sec/ 200m 3min 3 sec. CSS = 1:43 which is slower than my previous CSS of 1:41 even though both my swim times are faster. I can only guess its because one of the times got faster percentage wise than the other, but I’m not entirely sure. Doesn’t seem to make sense if your 400m and 200m times get faster how CSS can go up. I’m less confident about this as a way to train.

Wednesday: Easy swim and quick sauna. Spent yesterday recovering from food poisoning. Full 24hrs laid low. Not good. Long sleep helped.

Thursday: Light run 30mins. HR=120bpm. Strength session, high reps, 9 sets of x50 machine and free exercises. Not sure on time 45mins. Quick sauna.

Saturday: Long run at easy pace. 60 mins. HR average = 122bpm. Around 9.0kmh. Followed by core training; mainly body weight; sit ups, press ups and hindu squats. Quick sauna.

Sunday: Run around 45mins. Swim 1500m around 30mins.

Total: 6 sessions (4 hours)

Run :3 (2hr 15min); Swim 1 (30min) ; Strength 2 (60mins); Bike 0 (/mins)

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